Now Hiring Resident Assistants

Job Summary:

The Resident Care Partner is a non-professional employee trained to provide personal care and related services to residents in the community according to documented, individualized service and care plans. He/she functions under the Healthcare Coordinator. May be a Certified Nurse’s Aide but this is not required.

Required Education and Experience:

·         High school diploma or a GED.

·         Be able to read, write and comprehend English

·         CPR Certified and first Aid training within 90 days starting employment. (Provided by Senior Housing Healthcare)

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Now Hiring House Keeping

Job Description:

Housekeeping Coordinator will be in charge of the overall cleanliness of our assisted living community.

Job Summary:

Cleaning of all residents’ apartments, doing laundry, and cleaning all common areas in the Community.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Deliver weekly housekeeping services and any additional services requested on the residents’ ISPs. ·Be responsible for resident and community laundry. ·Be responsible for requisition, inventory, and storage of supplies. ·Use personal protective equipment, as required. ·Must be able to use housekeeping and laundry chemicals. ·Maintain building cleanliness in all areas. ·Be aware of any unsafe conditions and report them to the Manager immediately. ·Write up work orders when maintenance needs arise. ·Share ideas and comments you feel would benefit the Community. ·Follow all Policies & Procedures and the Employee Handbook. ·Attend bi-weekly in-services and all mandatory meetings. ·Use proper body mechanics when lifting or pushing. ·Uphold confidentiality and Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations.
3 days per week 4-6 hours. Weekends not required.

Job Type:


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