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Dare To Dream

Bill’s Dream

This is Bill. Bill in one of Parker Place’s Memory Care Residents and a World War II Navy Veteran. Bill is proud of three things, Dorothy (his wife), his harmonica playing, and his time in the military……….. READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE.

Marvin’s Dream

Everyone, meet Marvin. Marvin is a huge asset to our Memory Care unit. Before retirement, Marv was a minister and spent a lot of time encouraging others. Marvin still does that today with the other residents in Memory Care………. READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE.

Jacque’s Dream

This is Jacque! Jacque is new to the Parker Place family and we have had so much fun getting to know about this wonderful lady! Jacque moved to Parker Place from Arizona where she spent a lot of her free time in her younger years volunteering at the Humane Society. Jacque is a huge animal lover, but her favorites are dogs and cats. Her room is full of cat trinkets so we wanted to make Jacque’s dream of having her own special friend a reality……… READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE.

Jean’s Dream

Jean Beenken is one of the hardest working ladies here at Parker Place. She prides herself on keeping busy. If Jean sees any of the residents or employees working on a project of any type she always offers to help and does it with a smile on her face…….. READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE.

Jean and Orville Beenken have been residents at Parker Place for the last three years. On February 8th, 1952, the couple said “I do” and have been inseparable ever since. The couple spent their early years of marriage working hard. Jean was a kindergarten and first grade teacher and Orville worked at the elevator. A few years into their marriage, they had their only son Galen who now lives in Minnesota…….. READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE.

Lloyd’s Dream

Everyone meet Lloyd! Lloyd loves telling stories, eating ice cream, and most of all, he loves animals. When Lloyd moved to Parker Place, the hardest thing for Lloyd was not having all of his animals. When Lloyd was living at home he had all kinds of animals; dogs, cats, birds, and chickens……. READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE.

Lloyd has been living at Parker Place for a full year now! Around Easter time we surprised Lloyd with his very own baby chicks for the day, because Lloyd loves all animals! Before moving to Parker Place, Lloyd had all kinds of animals at his home. After our Easter event, the chicks had to go back to their owners, and Lloyd is still talking about them to this day…… READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE.

Marjorie’s Dream

This is Marjorie! Marjorie has been living at Parker Place for two and half years! Marge is usually one of our more reserved residents, so we knew it was important to find a way to get her out and about….. READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE.

Marvin’s Dream

Meet Marvin! Marvin is moved to Parker Place from his home in late March. Prior to living at Parker Place Marvin drove himself to his own adult day program In his home town of Ackley. Marvin spent his days as if this was his job. As Marvin progressed, so did his need for 24 hour care and supervision…. READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE.

Ron’s Dream

This is Ron! Ron is one of our Memory Care residents and he loves sharing stories about the classic cars he had in his younger years. Ron’s shadow box is filled with photos and figures of his favorite type of car, the Camaro!… READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE.

Benson’s Dream

Benson Floyd, was a public transit driver in Waterloo.  Benson used to dress up every Christmas for his passengers to make their season a little brighter.  When Parker Place discovered that he had a dream to… READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE.

Lynne’s Dream

Lynne resides in our Garden at Parker Place. Most days Lynne has a hard time finding the words she’d like to use, but there are a few she says often John and I love you. John is Lynne’s husband, as some already know John is fighting his own battle with cancer. He tries to make it as often as he can to see his beautiful wife but that sometimes doesn’t go as planned as he finds himself in the hospital… READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE.

Jean’s Dream

Everyone Meet Jean! Jean is and 86 year old former first grade teacher, who LOVES to keep busy! Jean and her husband Orville moved in last December, and have adapted greatly! This past month, I have noticed Jean always walking and tracking her steps, so I started to get an idea! Every year Parkersburg holds an annual Remembrance Run for the EF-5 Tornado and Coach Ed Thomas, this is a 5K run or walk… READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE.

Howard and Orville’s Dream

Everyone meet Howard and Orville. These are two of our four veterans that live in Parker Place! Howard served in the Navy along with Orville, for most of their young adult lives. A few days before Memorial Day, Howard had told me how he wanted to go to the Sullivan Brother’s museum in Waterloo and how it would be great to bring the other veterans! READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE.

Cheryl’s Dream

Everyone meet Cheryl! Cheryl has lived with us almost a year and has one of the most creative minds I have ever came in touch with! This past month has been a little rough for Cheryl and we noticed she was down and wasn’t participating in a lot of our activities, so we wanted to change that. READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE.

Jean and Orville’s Dream

Everyone meet Jean and Orville! This couple has been living at Parker Place for around six months but they are originally from Buckingham, IA. They have one son, who also has only one son, and there one and only grandson graduated high school this month! Jean had told me how bad she wanted to watch him walk across the stage, and how that was one of Orville’s biggest wishes, so I made it happen. Me and their son got together and communicated and set up a big weekend for Orville and Jean to go to Minneapolis, MN to watch their grandson graduate. READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE.